My name is Thamar Johnson and I enjoy coming up with solutions to help people and their businesses out. I am a solution orientated thinker. There are many ways to get you and your business can get on the right track to success. I understand that no two businesses are the same and I treat every client uniquely.

Through my years of experience I have come to understand the unique qualities that every business possesses. When I work with your business and your project I will make sure that you have a marketing strategy that will work. We will go into great detail to ensure that your business has the proper plan of action to be profitable.

I believe that you can be a leader in your market. I believe that you can achieve that success that you have been dreaming of, and I am here to be apart of your team to help you out with the process of becoming what you have envisioned yourself and your business to be.

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Real Estate, Business, and Marketing Consultant.

Thamar Johnson Real Estate, Business, and Marketing Consultant.


Please Feel Free to Contact me!
Phone: 888.492.1555
Email: info@thamarjohnson.com
Address: 30600 Telegraph Rd. Ste. 2375.
Bingham Farms, MI. 48025